How to find and report spam from your email account

The following steps are based on the information presented in the article.1.Enter a valid email address for the account.2.Select the message you want to send and the subject line.3.Click on “Send”.4.Enter the email address and password.5.Wait for the confirmation message.6.Click “Send” again.7.Enter your subject line and click “Send Now”.8.Click OK. 9.You are ready to receive…

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The following steps are based on the information presented in the article.


Enter a valid email address for the account.


Select the message you want to send and the subject line.


Click on “Send”.


Enter the email address and password.


Wait for the confirmation message.


Click “Send” again.


Enter your subject line and click “Send Now”.


Click OK. 9.

You are ready to receive messages.


You will receive messages from the email account.

You can click “Reply” if you do not receive any reply.


If you received a message that contains personal information about you, click “Delete”.


If the message contains information synonym with your email address, click on “Reply”.


If there is no reply, click OK to close the message.


If an email has been sent from your account, click to view the contents.


Click the icon on the left-hand side of the email message and choose “View” to view details of the message, including the subject, the message body, the body text, the signature and the time stamp.


Select “Show attachments” and click on the “Show attachment” icon.


Click in the “Send now” icon to send the message to your recipient.


To view the status of your message, click the icon next to the subject heading.


Click “+” in the lower right-hand corner to send more messages.


When you receive the next message from the account, check the status for that account.


The following information is provided as a guide.

The “Subject” field is the name of the subject of the next mail.

The content of the body of the mail is the content of your email message, whether it contains personal or informational information.

The body text of the first message is the body part of the original message.

The signature is the signature of the sender.

The time stamp is the time the message was sent.

The sender’s email address is the email that sent the message and can be found on your email client.

The subject heading is the subject headings that appear in the body content of emails.

The message body is the text of an email message.

When sending an email to your contacts, it is important to read their privacy policies, which are sent by their companies, as well as other messages sent by them.


The next time you receive a message from an account, select “Edit” to make changes to the message contents.

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