How to use the Freedom of Information Act to access information from the VA

CNN “The first rule of FOIA is never tell the truth.That’s not true,” said a veteran of the Department of Veterans Affairs who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to avoid the stigma of being labeled a whistle-blower.“The first thing to know is that there’s a lot of information out there that is just not…

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CNN “The first rule of FOIA is never tell the truth.

That’s not true,” said a veteran of the Department of Veterans Affairs who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to avoid the stigma of being labeled a whistle-blower.

“The first thing to know is that there’s a lot of information out there that is just not true, and that’s why FOIA is so important.”

It’s a sentiment shared by others who have written articles about the VA scandal, such as The Hill’s Jonathan Capehart.

He explained how the VA is trying to hide from public scrutiny information that it knows is misleading, including how many of its employees are transgender.

And, of course, the VA and the White House have been under intense pressure to disclose more information about the scandal.

The VA, for example, announced it was investigating the death of a veteran who was killed by an illegal drug during an incident on the VA’s San Diego facility.

The VA has already been under fire for not disclosing the full extent of the scandal, which led to the resignation of the agency’s CEO.

But veterans groups are not satisfied with the VA hiding the truth about the crisis, including by denying veterans access to critical information.

The White House and VA officials have denied the allegations, saying the allegations are simply not true.

As a veteran, the question of who is accountable for this scandal and what steps are being taken to address it has been a frequent topic of conversation with me over the past year.

While many have been willing to share their personal stories, many of us, myself included, have been hesitant to talk about what happened at VA facilities across the country.

What started out as a conversation about the current VA scandal turned into a full-fledged investigation into what happened and who was responsible for it, said Jim St. Pierre, the former VA inspector general and an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina.


Pierre told CNN that the VA knew about the death at the San Diego VA facility, but chose to not disclose it because it didn’t want to damage its reputation and the careers of the people who were supposed to be investigating it.

The lack of transparency at the VA prompted a lawsuit against the agency by the American Civil Liberties Union and other civil rights groups.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has also called for a thorough investigation into the VA, including a full probe into the whistleblower complaint.

Veteran advocates are also pushing for an investigation of the Trump administration and the VA for what they see as a pattern of deception and abuse.

And former VA Secretary Robert McDonald told CNN last week that his office is reviewing whether to make an exception to the agency-wide policy that prohibits disclosing information from a VA facility unless it is “required by law.”

The VA also has been under a cloud for years.

In 2013, it received a scathing report from the Department’s Inspector General for how it handled whistleblower complaints.

The report found that veterans were mistreated, abused and discriminated against at the agency.

The IG found that the veterans department was “unresponsive and inefficient” and that it was not transparent with the public about how it treated whistleblowers.

And it was even criticized for “disparaging the experiences” of veterans and failing to “provide adequate oversight of VA facilities.”VA Secretary Robert Harward told reporters on Wednesday that the agency is looking into the IG’s findings and will respond as soon as possible.

In a statement, the department said that it is reviewing the report and has been in communication with the Office of Special Counsel, the agency that conducted the audit.

“We will take all necessary actions to ensure that all of the recommendations in the report are implemented and are aligned with the department’s policies,” the statement said.

The statement did not say whether the VA would be forced to change its policies.

Veterans organizations, such the VA Veterans of America, say they are outraged by the VA IG’s report, which concluded that the organization had a policy that prohibited the VA from disclosing information about alleged misconduct.

The issue is far from over, and veterans organizations have already expressed their desire to see the VA reform, said Steve Denniston, president and CEO of the American Legion.

The Legion has been lobbying for reforms for years, including reforming the VA.

The organization is also pushing Congress to reform the VA to better ensure whistleblowers have a fair shot to receive justice.

And while some of the VA scandals are far from resolved, some reforms have already begun.

A bill passed last year by Congress would require the VA inspector generals office to disclose the number of complaints it receives from whistleblowers.

The bill would also create a whistleblower program to track the number and type of whistleblowers who have filed complaints.

Denniston said that if passed, the bill would put the VA under a more transparent spotlight.

And he expects the VA will soon begin to adopt a new whistleblower policy.

But even as Congress moves forward on these reforms, veterans groups and others are hoping the VA can reform

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