When you have no time for emails, Google gives you time for Google Apps

An hour or so ago, I was scrolling through the list of apps on my Google Calendar.Google Apps is one of the many services Google is launching to help users keep track of appointments and schedules, manage their Google accounts and make phone calls. But if I were to click on a few of these apps,…

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An hour or so ago, I was scrolling through the list of apps on my Google Calendar.

Google Apps is one of the many services Google is launching to help users keep track of appointments and schedules, manage their Google accounts and make phone calls. 

But if I were to click on a few of these apps, the first thing I’d notice is the lack of a calendar.

I could scroll through my own calendar and add and delete events, but it’s not an option for Google apps. 

That’s because Google Apps does not support calendar functionality on mobile devices. 

As far as I know, Google has never publicly announced that Google Apps will support calendar integration, which means that you will not be able to use Google Calendar to keep track or schedule events, appointments or calls with Google Apps. 

In the past, Google launched two services that allow calendar integration on mobile phones: Google Now and Google Calendar Now.

Google Now allows you to access your calendar from the Google Now Launcher and Google Now Now. 

Both of these services support Google Now on Android smartphones and tablets, and the integration has not been officially announced by Google. 

When you add Google Calendar To Your Calendar And Google Now Google Now on mobile is available for free in the Play Store, but you can also pay $5.99 a month to have the calendar integration built into Google Calendar, as long as you sign up for a Google account and subscribe to a paid Google Calendar subscription plan. 

To add a calendar event, you need to create an account with Google Calendar and follow the steps below. 

On your mobile device, open the Google Calendar app and tap the Calendar tab. 

Click Add Calendar event. 

You will be presented with a list of events and an option to add the event.

Click Add. 

Now you can add events, which can be scheduled by the user, and you can set the location of the event to where you want it to appear. 

The settings you see will change depending on where you place the event in the calendar.

For example, if you place an event in a place with a high elevation like a city or a town, the location may change to a lower elevation, where the event will appear at a lower altitude. 

Google Calendar When I asked Google for confirmation of calendar integration support for Google Calendar on mobile, they told me that it would not be supported in the near future. 

For now, Google is only offering calendar integration for a handful of Google Apps apps that are not currently available on mobile.

Google Calendar for Android has an icon in the Android Settings menu that indicates calendar integration is not supported, and Google Maps, Google News and Google Photos do not currently have calendar integration either. 

If you are having issues with calendar integration in Google Apps on mobile and you are not sure what to do, you can read more about how to disable calendar integration. 

I have tried to contact Google directly about calendar integration and the company has yet to reply to me. 

It’s important to note that Google has made no announcement about calendar support on Google Apps for Android.

More to come from The Times of Indian As part of the ongoing efforts to improve India’s digital infrastructure, India is moving towards providing better internet connectivity.

India is also planning to launch a $2 billion broadband network and a $6 billion mobile broadband network. 

With this move, the country is aiming to have high-speed internet connectivity to reach every household by 2019. 

However, this is a big step forward for the country, but the problem is that the Indian government is currently not yet aware of the availability of high-bandwidth internet access in India. 

According to a new report from The Times Of India, Google plans to roll out a new service called Google Cloud Platform that will offer internet connectivity in India through the cloud. 

Currently, there is no service available in India that provides high-capacity internet connectivity at speeds of 100Mbps, or the maximum speed required to connect a typical home to the internet. 

What will be covered by Google Cloud is a plan to offer internet access at speeds that are 1,000Mbps, 1,500Mbps and 1,250Mbps, which is faster than the internet that most Indian homes have access to today. 

India’s digital economy is already struggling to attract and retain skilled workers and this new service will help to improve the digital infrastructure in India and to give more people access to the same internet. 

 Read more on Google Cloud: The Times Of India

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